All About Me Theme brings to children an awareness about the immediate self -the body and mind, the emotions, details about the location of the residence, responsibilities, stages of life and living and non living things. The aim is to expand the scope of children’s boundaries of learning to get them acquainted about self and their surroundings.

Material world theme introduces to children different materials that things of daily use are made of. Every day we see and use a variety of objects made of different kinds of materials, used for various purposes. Children need to be exposed to all these materials so that they start wondering about the things they see and touch.

Communication theme introduces the children to the various forms of verbal and non verbal communication. We use many ways of communication to pass different types of information to others in our lives.

This theme brings children and teachers to a discussion involving the most essential element needed for the sustenance of our lives. The topic of interest is food here, an inseparable part of everyone’s life that keeps us going every day.

Culture and Society theme enables the children to get an understanding of people who live in various places on earth. Children at this age , know only about the people at their homes and school. They are unaware of the people across the world and how they lead their lives and this theme provides them with this understanding.

Animal kingdom theme takes the children on a journey into the world of animals. Children love animals and enjoy learning new things about them. The animal kingdom includes a huge range of animals from a homely pet dog to an exciting cobra.

Plant kingdom theme is meant to help the children learn about the plant world without which the life on earth is unimaginable. Everyone knows about the plants, but often forget the life giving benefits from them such as fresh air and food materials.

Transportation theme introduces the children to something that gives humans an upper hand over other living beingsTransport. Children are curious about these things, and this theme gives them a broader view of things to understand transportation better.

Professions and industries theme get the children involved in the work done by different people and the types of their workplaces. Children recognize the fact that some of their family members are away from home for long hours daily “at work”.

Earth and nature theme throws light on the different times of a day and seasons. Every day people perform many activities and use a variety of tools to adapt themselves to the different times of the day and to the seasons. All these variations make our lives vibrant and interesting. It shows children how humans can adapt to different circumstances on earth.