Dr. Pradip Gaglani

Visionary Educator, Innovator, Researcher, Author, lawyer,
Founder & Trustee: Infocity Junior Science College.
Director: Gaglani & Co.

I, Dr. Pradip Gaglani (M.Sc., M.Ed., LLB, Ph.D.) firmly believe in Work is Worship. I have my own vision and foresight for the innovation education. I would humbly like to say that I am a visionary educator And in saying So, I feel proud.

Being a curious, researcher, I have always kept myself busy in reading and learning new things. I am glad to say that inspite of being a lawyer, I am initially a teacher. My articles in news paper have taught me a lot.

We started an educational institute named Infocity Junior Science College in the capital city, Gandhiangar. So I am a founder Trustee of the above said institute.

Moreover, I have actively taken up the responsibility of Directorship of Gaglani & Co.

I have been awarded “Best citizen of India Award” by International Publishing House in 2012.

I have spent 32 years in education as a teacher and as a principal too. Now I am willingly and enthusiastically entering in KIDS WORLD.

I firmly believe that life and learning goes hand to hand. It is an essential instrument to bring development. My heart earnestly speakes that “Info Kids” is India’s Best International Pre-school & Day care. The place where uniquely designed thematic integrated learning programme for kids that address deversified needs of children. Build abilities character building including moral values leadership qualities and the spirit of enterprise emphasis given on providing special attention to mental, physical and emotional growth to develop skill of “Self discovery”, “Logical thinking”, “Observation” in each child. I have my own dreams as well as deep thinking which I would like to share with you.

I hope with full confidence that all little ones may be prepared to face challenges and find the opportunity from difficulties. And be better citizen to make their future better.

Mrs. Zankruti Raj Gaglani

CEO – Info Kids (PG-ECCE)

I, Zankruti Raj Gaglani, CEO – Info Kids start with line that for me education is the wise,hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance in life.

And as far as for a child education, learning process should always be connected with the practical and fun loving activities. Through which they develop their creativity, satisfaction level, novelty, self-discipline, spontaneity,freedom, essential, growth and catharsis.